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Tatyana Divina is the author of more than 250 instrumental compositions of different genres (Easy Listening, Jazz, Relaxing, Ambient, Gothic and others). “Music exists by itself, independent of anyone.” – says Tatyana.- “It’s my passion to find it and give it audible form. But music may or may not want to reveal itself to the composer, depending on whether the composer is ready. The better the composer’s readiness, the more complete the comprehension and the greater the likeness of the audible form to the existing form. That is why writing music is similar to meditating.”

Here you will find the complete discography currently available as well as a brief description of the albums. As long as Happy Hours, you can free download some music files as you like without limitation.

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We are lost in the depth of our consciousness; we hide there, trying to defend ourselves from everything that weights upon us. We lose the very essence of us, easily becoming our Fate’s instruments which Fate plays not worse than we drive our cars. Staying, however, inside, we may experience difficulty in finding the right decision. But if we do enter the outer borders of our consciousness, we seem to be lacking solidity, and with ease perform unconsidered actions. We are in need of what is known to be the “balance”.
By listening to relaxing and easy-listening music which makes us relax and meditate and getting absorbed by it, we restore the structure of our thinking process, strengthen it and vigorously protect it against the destructive elements of our routine life; we get our mind and body to function as an integral whole. It relaxes us, not depriving us, however, of the ability of being toned, and this allows us to make the best use of the possibilities encountered by us at certain moments of our life, thus attaching an enormous strength to our mind and body.


body-spitirHave you ever happened to be in places which leave the brightest and the warmest feelings in you, which you can talk about incessantly, and which if visited again fill you with an invigorating feeling of complete composure? Would you like to make an unforgettable trip to one of such places? If you would, we are pleased to offer you to listen to the meditative music by Tatyana Divina intended for relaxation and rest. You may start your trip from here, or from anywhere else for wherever you go the invisible waves of music will reach you covering you with a pacifying tidal. Close your eyes, concentrate on the relaxing calmness penetrating your every muscle. With your every sigh, with every beat of your heart the warmth of Tatyana Divina’s music will be carrying you away farther and farther, till you reach your destination, and the warmth of a complete internal calmness and appeasement will be wrapping you up all the time you will be staying in the light and pacifying place intended only for you…. In the place where eternity and constancy may get interwoven into one strong thread, so to say, by your will alone.

A Bit of Science

954622291Numerous studies have shown that music is an activity that involves using the whole brain. It strengthens the heart and has surprising benefits not only for health but also for learning language, improving memory and focusing attention, as well as physical coordination and visual attention. Listening to music releases endorphins in the brain that help to improve vascular health and improves creativity. Indeed, what is easier to perceive: the clanking noise of the streets in a technogenic city or a relaxing instrumental music, the sweet sounds of which torrent into you without any effort on your side, and fill you with their soft warmth and magic shining? You feel you are ready to yield to that specific feeling of comfort and relaxation which you normally have after a long and eventful day when at last back home, you switch on a relaxing music gradually and smoothly saturating you with vigour and energy. Your body and your eyes are resting. Nothing else but this light music interwoven with silence surrounds you. It relaxes your body and invigorates your mind. You seem to be losing yourself in dreams. Everything you see, hear and feel is now being created by you yourself. You are building your own world, a world devoid of faults, the world that will perfectly match you. It is the world you will be living in, the world where success will be awaiting you, the world of dreams which will become true should you really want them to.

  • Slow music relaxes by slowing breathing and heartbeat
  •  Music positively affects  brain structures that are involved in motivation, reward and emotion
  •  Music enhances our senses, touches and creates memories
  •  Music can help to have better reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as a better memory and math and language performance
  •  Listening to certain types of music improves intelligence, the so-called “Mozart effect.”
  • Ambient music can improve creativity
  • Music reduced heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety in heart disease patients
  •  Boosts Your Immune System & Reduces Pain
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Music training can significantly improve our motor and reasoning skills
  •  Music can improve visual attention
  • Music helps us exercise
  • Increases Kindness



singing-bowl-1063304It is really surprising that with the help of the material we can perceive the spiritual, that from a lifeless and silent thing one can extract so many touching melodies, which when we listen to them will make us immediately and for an instant look anew at everything positive that surrounds us and irrespective of our will give us calmness and stability…. And it is at this instantaneous moment that you will relax to comprehend how profoundly you can perceive the subtlety and frailty of the balance bestowing upon you a deep understanding of the deepest positive which may be increased by your will alone. To make you become well aware of this is what Tatyana Divina’s music is aimed at; and you are only to perceive and accept it…. We can now see that there is no such thing that is aimless; everything is destined for something else, which we know nothing about, or which has already slipped our mind, and which we only remember about when our intuition prompts us a decision which appears subsequently to be unique…. A whole world of sounds, images and impressions will open to you. Take care, though. They may captivate you, and like a rough stream of the river taking everything away with it, they will take you farther and farther from the existing reality to a brand new, bright, future saturated with thrilling emotions. And then you will become conscious that they fortify you, make you more powerful and stronger. You will feel that your breath becomes even and strong, and reunited with your feelings you start going ahead – lightly and vehemently, for your road is open to you. Now you can control both your body and your mind. And when you wake up next morning, it will be a new morning of a new day and you will feel as if you were born anew!

Printed Music for Piano and Accordion


Performing this light instrumental music you will become conscious of a peculiar link establishing between you and that subtle reality which is constantly escaping from the grasp of you. Open up before images and reminiscences; let them come tumbling into your mind. You will see that the link will be getting stronger and stronger until peace and warmth overwhelm you completely. And as soon as it happens you will be seized with a feeling as if you had found a book in which there are answers to all your questions. You will be overcome with a sensation as though you were a sprout shooting forth whatever occurred … And a unique possibility of understanding and comprehending reality in all its forms and manifestations will be bestowed upon you. Your approach towards life will change becoming lighter and brighter, and making you able to realize the true motives of your actions and to further adjust your behaviour. The reality which you considered to be secondary to your existence will turn into a precious gift you will present yourself with. Breathe in its delicate aroma, appreciate its wonderful form and colour, and taste at last the fruit of eternity. Expose yourself to a wonderfully new experience, go ahead and ahead, choosing the right footpaths in the jungles of Life still to be explored! And do not be afraid of what might happen, for what really matters now is that you know you go the right way.


Potpourri-free-accordeon_by_Tatyana_DivinaFree Stuff

(Free Accordion Sheet Music (click to image to download in pdf)

  • Potpourri on themes of Y.Frenkel, V.Sidorov, P.Rusakov, O.Feltcman
  • Potpourri on themes of A.Ostrovsky, A.Novikov, A.Eshpai
  • Potpourri on themes of A.Lepin
  • Musical Moment (A.Petrov). Arrangement by Tatyana Divina

Free Music


This music by Tatyana Divina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial – No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Tales And Stories by Tatyana Divina (in Russian Language)

The eternal debate about the beauty and courage, laziness and diligence take place not only in real life but also in fairy tales. Clueless quarrel , reconciliation and funny misunderstandings in funny tales for a good mood written by Tatyana Divina.



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